I write.

I have written voraciously over many years. Of late, I’ve become more focused and specific about what and where I write. I have won awards in writing competitions over the past years and am proud of how far I’ve come. I enjoy the thrill of putting thoughts and emotions into words.

My words can be found on Women’s Web, Toastmaster International, Opticians Guild, DC Careers and more. I believe in raising the bar everywhere I go. Searching and ensuring quality and equality and challenging the norm in every space I venture into drives me out of bed every morning.

I love collaborating with women to raise this bar and I use the words I write to shine the light

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Abhishek is hot, er, cute and hot. Acting is alright. Priyanka Chopra has an awesome pair o legs. Guess it must be to compensate…

background checks


Background checks on applicants Background checks on new hires Background checks on Govt employees Background checks on airport handlers Background checks on passport applicants…

odyssey results..


Last weekend was an awesome one for us. My kids particpate in a creative, problem-solving program sponsored by the school’ s PTA . Odyssey…

on harrassment


Another post on the Blank Noise Project that’s making its waves in blogworld. I am late, but it doesn’t matter coz it got me…



Washington Post churned out an article – a very down-to earth – of how the once NRI are returning homeland coz now that’s where…