10 secrets

to posting every day:

  1. Write at your choice of quiet times – it’s nights for me.
  2. Write about everyday stuff, ones you can relate to, it’s a while lot easier than laboring through some thesis or political notion (unless that’s your thing)
  3. Write small if necessary, every post doesn’t have to be a masterpiece (not that anyone’s aiming for even one!)
  4. Create a schedule if that helps, like every Friday as a song day, or a joke day to end the week on a fun note or every Tuesday as a tag day (I got rid of 3!)
  5. Write about current events. Every day the newspaper is full of whats happening at your neck of the woods: pick one that you can relate to.
  6. Write about a forgotten art form, tradition or a ritual that you once took part in and don’t anymore. Better yet, write about a family tradition, based on culture or just something that you’ve started.
  7. Bursts of writing happen, while some days are bleah. When you do feel chatty, write more than 1 post, and if you have a tendency to ramble, break it down!
  8. post an interesting picture you took or saw, your take on it. Make it your own, add a dimension to it, the effort shows.
  9. Write a review of a book, movie, a play or even of a product you’ve used. Once again, add your voice to it.
  10. Always schedule ahead. Helps lessen stress (frankly, if blogging’s a hobby, there shouldn’t be, but if we are committed to wanting to post every day, it helps to plan ahead). I’d scheduled all my tags (Tuesdays) and the Friday (song) ones. Set it to post at the same time everyday. Consistency is a good thing when you are doing a series such as this.

Write freely, write for yourself (not always for your readers or entertainment value), and write what you are most familiar with. When one labors through a passage, it shows. Lessen expectations for yourself, not every post need be your best, it is practice that helps in the long run, and most importantly, make your posts yours. It should be distinct and spell a style that’s uniquely you.

If you can’t post everyday, give yourself a break and take that break. This isn’t a do or die, but more to exercise your writing skills. Whoever said ‘practice makes perfect’ surely knew his stuff.

The more you write, the better you get at it, even if you weren’t really trying!

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