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So I’d declared a few days ago on my page that I was not having much to write about. As in, I really simply thought I’d declare that my brains were on vacation from doing one too many things and just like a car spluttering to its death on the freeway, mine remained resolute. In stony silence, refusing to cough words despite enough keywords and events coaxing jump starts.

It was like being at a country fair.

There’s the band in the corner, strings and the drums producing somewhat harmonious country music to the crowd, the Ferris wheel circling all in repeated rhythmic screams every time a G force went down a notch, the parents shouting for the kids to stop, and the kids asking the parents to get some ice cream. The raucous bunch of youngsters being raucous about whatever it gets them to be raucous in the first place..

So much goes on, that it’s hard to tune just the notes of the soloist playing the guitar in the corner, the little baby’s cries straining to be heard from inside the stroller, or the happy couple’s laughter sharing the cotton candy.

To just be able to pick one strain and drum out a tune of finesse, will be hard, but not improbable, or impossible even. Can be done, just with sheer perseverance and focus.

By tuning out and tuning in. Tuning within.

It applies to just about anything one wants. You tune in what u want and tune out everything else. Some times it does get difficult zoning down on what you want, then well, you do what I do. Work on what You don’t want. Process of elimination has worked wonders even in the prehistoric era.

That’s precisely what I do now. I can’t write about the whole country fair that is my life at this point, some just coz they aren’t interesting enough, some coz they are so interesting it would be scandalous putting it on public domain, and some coz well, they are what they are and hence not blog worthy. So here I am babbling about nothing in particular.

What I write now is not anything to write home about, nor does it provide any value to the reader. One thing it does is surely to let me find the fulfillment of writing words down that perhaps make sense to them as they follow each other.

There, that should qualify as a post about nothing.

I could let this go to my head and compare myself with Seinfeld, who made a whole show on nothing and went on ahead and made it a household success for nine wonderful years, but I won’t. Though I must say that I am feeling very George-y at this point.

This little nonsensical post was really just an answer to the question asked here when I cautiously pondered on the merits of a post about nothing.

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5 replies on “about nothing”
  1. says: rads

    Saumya: I am a little worried if you were kidding or serious. Am gonna pretend you and I are in sync and say “Thank you!” 🙂

    Bhel: No worries. Join the club. You get the front row seat just coz you are one of my oldest readers who’s still stuck on. Thanks bhelji 🙂

    Praveen: That was more than interesting. Will talk more in a bit. 🙂

    sraikh: Girl, you awe me to an extent that sometimes I don’t read you only coz I am going in my head “is she for real?” and then I feel like an idiot for whining about three. 😐

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