So am on a suicide mission.

November is a busy time as it is, but apparently we are not busy enough, so we have signed up to write a post a day and burn myself come November 30th. Hallelujah!

I’ve done this post a day – Blogging Marathon – as we call it before, and it wasn’t hard back then. I was prolific. I wrote about the red ant’s travel across my dining table, the bizarre wrong numbers and the time when I “accidentally” broke into someone’s house a whole hour before they were expecting me. and so on. I led a very entertaining life. Not by choice. Or maybe I just had this irrepressible urge to write every frikkin’ thing that happened to me.

Things are different now. No, I still am weird and strange and a goofball rolled into one with a healthy dose of maturity as my armor, but am just too busy in my head for it to take a breather and recall incidents and write it up. So this will be a challenge. HUGE challenge.

Plus I am doing a whole bunch of things that I *want* to do. As opposed to the ones that I *have* to do. The latter, I can skip and feel guilty or not and still sleep at night, but to skip the things that I want to do, that’s just hard.

So we shall see how it goes.

Ive signed up here at BlogHer  am number 883


wish me luck 🙂

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