mom’s a kid too!

So here’s the view from this closed door office Ive been assigned to. Yes, yes, I know there are brick walls and am looking at the rear end of Giant Foods, but hey, there’s that sliver of gray sky with trees on the horizon which more than makes up for everything else.


I think I miss my shoes though..

So yes, this is the first, okay, not first but 4th picture (no, can’t really publish the rest as they have munchkin posing away like a Parisienne on the ramp!) taken from my brand new iPhone!!


I am going to be good and focus on the fact that I am actually holding an iPhone in my hand and enjoying the features it offers me than complain about how the idiot at the att store held onto my phone for 5 full days without calling me, and how the customer service sucked big time and how rude folks really are out there!

..and o – the few who have my number, you are hereby given permission to call me πŸ™‚

Moving on, evening conversation at home.

Me walking into the house singing and brandishing the iPhone in my hand: Woohoo, I have my iPhone, I have my iPhone…

Daughter: Let me see.

Munchkin: I want to see too!

Husband: Did you break it already? oh okay, there’s still time?

Son to daughter: Mom is such a baby! She won’t let you touch it! Am serious, just tryΒ taking it from her. Just yank it!

Husband: Okay folks, the thing costs a fortune, no yanking absolutely!

Munchkin: Mommy, can I see the iPhone?

Mom: No munchkin.

Daughter: Mom, look at the poor baby, she’s asking so nicely too! Let me see it!

Me: No guys, not a soul’s touching it. Let me figure this thing out.

Daughter: That’s my point. Let me do it for you.

Son: Yeah mom, it will be a whole lot easier I assure you.

Husband: Yea, just hand it to munchkin, she can sync things up for you by the time you open that manual and search for stuff.

Me: Argh! I so can do it myself!

Son: Sure mom, who helped you dial pinni (my sister) in the car?

Me: That’s coz I was driving! Not coz I didn’t know how to dial!!

Daughter: That’s what they all say…

Munchkin: Mommmyyyy, pleasesse can I see it? Please?

Me: Munchkin, just wait a bit, let me set things up and then you can see okay?

Son: Sheesh mom, you don’t follow what you preach. Share, you know what that means?

Me: That’s it, shush up all of you and no one dare come and bother me!

*off I march into the study to sync stuff up to the Mac*

Daughter: gee mom, what a baby!

Munchkin following me on her toes and in her sweetest sugary princess voice: Please mom, can I just touch it once? Please? I will share my gum with you?

Me: Munchkin, no.

Munchkin silently stands there staring at me. She then places her hands on her hips and continues to glare. It was getting icy cold in that tiny room.

Me: Alright munchkin, I will let you look at it, but first I need to do some things with it.

Munchkin: What things?

Me: Just things.

Munchkin: Mom. This is not fair.

Me: I know baby. Life isn’t.

Munchkin: Huh?Β what did you say?

Me: I said, Wait. You need to learn patience. Let me finish first. Mom needs to play with this first.

Munchkin rolls her eyes: Mom! How old are you?

Me: eh?

Munchkin: No, tell me how old are you? Are you 4? or are you 34?

Has an exasperated look on her face and makes a scene of walking in a huff towards the door. Stops, turns around: Mommy, you are not 4. I am 4. You are a people, a person, like big person. You are not a baby. I am the baby. I need to play with the iPhone not you! Gosh! I am not going to be your friend ever ever again!

Stomps out of the room, while I continue to sit there and play.

Dear munchkin, your mom is aΒ kid alright, ask anyone, they’ll tell you!




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24 replies on “mom’s a kid too!”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    LOL. You’re such a baby Rads. (and this coming from someone who still needs his mummy around to help him figure out life’s big questions.)

  2. says: rads

    Kiddo: er okay. Thank you! i think :

    Shmetterling: I know!

    Laksh: hehe, but of course, who says tys are only for kids. I meant gadgets πŸ™‚

    Baph: yeayea, and but that baby still comes to this baby claiming am the perfect agony aunt πŸ˜›

  3. says: deitaDi


    Nice happened though. You got what what you deserved, for buying the faaltu iPhone both from the folks at ATT and munchkin!

  4. says: some body

    “Dear munchkin, your mom is a kid alright, ask anyone, they’ll tell you!”

    stop the kidding, rads! πŸ˜‰

    “I am not going to be your friend ever ever again!”

    growing vocabulary huh? the only thing we hear around here is “you’re not my friend anymore” repeated on a poisson distribution (i.e., as erratic as can be).

    – s.b.

    p.s.: my boss loves her iphone. i’m yet to work with even a blackberry.

  5. Office with a door, iphone….What are your intentions lady, i am turning green with envy.
    I can like literally imagine the scenario when ou walked in with your iphone and kids wanted to see it….
    I am waiting for Aditya to do that. He is posessive already.

  6. Oh we are all kids, when it comes to gadgets. I know i would feel and react the same way. Cool post on iPhone experience, you were on front page.

  7. says: rads

    Dinesh: Front page? *gasp! What front page,where? My 2 second fame and I don’t even know where to look! :

    Boosmom: Am telling you this is p much the highlight of my life/year. In the next few weeks, the kids shall taketh over and I will be calling them for techsupport :

    Praveen: oh yea. πŸ™‚

    Adithya: It takes skill to stay a kid πŸ˜›

    SB: With two preteens around, her vocabulary is growing at supersonic speed. It’s a hoot when she misuses them πŸ™‚
    No surprise@blackberry. It sorta is the story with most of your alumni πŸ˜›

    DeitaDi: Too much! Your diamond is way too expensive for the kind of marketing you guys do! πŸ˜›

  8. Rads, It was on front page. It randomly displays popular articles, if you keep refreshing the front page you might see it. Of course, it gets replaced by another one that is latest, very soon. You can also look at your WordPress stats under referrers, if you see “” there, then you were on front page.

  9. says: Priya

    lol! very sweet post Rads…kids, we’ll always be I guess πŸ™‚ The only reason I am not pouncing on the swell deal on the iPhone is ATT. Me heart TMobile πŸ™

  10. says: rads

    Priya: Yeah, a kid’s almost always lost within us. Situations occasionally let it loose πŸ™‚
    Tmobile eh? Ive heard that a new untethered iphone’s releasing next month. Maybe you can get it then. πŸ™‚

    Dinesh: I see that! 17 views or some such, though no matter how much I refresh I don’t see me! : I did see your iPhone post though πŸ™‚

  11. rads, my post was nothing. I just said date and price and stated this is good price, Search engine did the rest of the magic. I guess iPhone is in hot demand in India.

  12. says: rads

    CW: She would jump at the opportunity, and even I may let go. You just will have to deal with a very possessive dad. I’d be a little worried for you, the usually calm quiet man goes insane when it comes to this daughter. It’s unfair I know *sigh

    terri: Dear girl, didn’t we go through this already. For all practical purposes I am 30, not a day more. When munchkin counts, she rambles a number she seems comfortable with. Occasionally I’ve become 53 too. She’s good with rhymes.
    Rest assured am as young as you are. πŸ™‚

    Dinesh: All hail the search engine Gods! πŸ™‚

    bpsk: Now with the big screen up, doubt I’d use iPhone to see videos, but the days are still young. Liking it for what minimal use I put it to πŸ™‚

  13. says: Priya

    What do you call a good looking, intelligent and a sensitive guy?
    Sorry guys, its a rumour!
    Hey Rads! Grinned? well, that was for you to forget your pain in the knee for a moment.

  14. says: rads

    WT: hehe, yea. She was so furious, she kept repeating the same thing! πŸ˜€

    Pria: You such a sweetheart! Thank you, and yes, I so relate and hence I grinned – knowingly πŸ˜‰

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