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Slideshow: Animal Safari – Ontario, Canada


Slideshow: Niagara Falls, Niagara, USA/Canada

I’d recommend watching the slide show, the resolution comes through much better than watching them otherwise.

..and oh, that header up there? That’s a shot of the tunnel between Windsor and Detroit that I took against husband’s displeasure and strong wishes. He hates me clicking pictures of such “borders and potential legal venues” as much as I like playing with the risk. Got a couple of the tunnel pictures. Had to, what with authoring a blog called “tunneling thru” and not personalizing it with something I clicked!

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49 replies on “nature flickr’d”
    1. says: rads

      Thank you Mahendra! 🙂 yeah, I remember you mentioning.

      I was so excited that I got this one and it came fine too, considering we were at 60 mph or so.

  1. says: Priya

    Gorgeous photos Rads. Finally the blog title makes sense 😛 Next time I go to Niagara, I must visit the Canadian side, the safari tour seems so much better than watching the poor things in the caged zoo. The monkeys (?) seem to have come really close to the vehicles…!

    1. says: rads

      Yesyes you should. ..and also don’t miss walking behind the falls on the Canadian side. Stupid me was so carried away by the loss of the iPhone that it slipped my mind that it was on that side and not US side.

      The monkeys were the hilarious best part! All vehicles come to a stand still, coz they are all over the place and they climb and settle down sweetly. There was this one incident where a bunch of rogue monkeys chased a female(am thinking) holding onto a baby. My daughter saw that and she goes “omigosh, they are such humans” 😐

    1. says: rads

      Thanks Max, and thanks for fav’ing it on flickr. He had an aura about him. Didn’t flinch or move an inch despite the zoo of vehicles around..

  2. says: sraikh

    I watched the slideshow with the 3 yr old and he sat down and said Next and wow. I want to go see elephants and zebra and giraffe. We go zoo NOW and then had a tantrum when I told we have to pick up his siblings..


    The header lovely.

    What camera do you use?

    1. says: metlin

      Zoos are depressing places. Caging an animal is proof positive that humans are a very cruel breed, and taking a kid to a zoo isn’t a very positive experience (at least, I have very strong memories of hating the zoos as a kid).

      Now, a safari on the other hand is rather nice. Free, as a lion is meant to be.

      1. says: sraikh

        The best I can do is a zoo.. But am planning to bring them to San Diego Wild Animal Park. And its a lifelong dream to go on a safari trip to Africa.

        That counts right?

        1. says: rads

          There are a couple in your area, check them out for Spring 🙂

          ..and teh SD one’s quite nice. Was there for a Christmas break, but it’s most definitely not a safari. The free range of motion, where we are the ones behind glass windows is an experience alright.

    2. says: rads

      aw, I know the kids enjoy it the best! Feel free to download any he likes. 🙂

      Nikon D60. One of the only Christmas gifts that am actually truly putting to good use. 🙂

      1. says: metlin

        That is just creepy, Rads.

        I mean, just think about it – how would you feel if someone wanted to take a picture of your posterior and your hubby’s face (or vice versa)…

        1. says: rads

          er metlin, I care as much as the rhino. In fact, I would feel a tinge of sadness for the one who has to click it. I am quite sure that’s where the term “thick skinned” came from.

        2. says: metlin

          Well, I am never visiting you, at least not if you are armed with a camera.

          I hear they want to insure my posterior (mostly because it’s got a record number of footprints).

          It’s a national treasure and all that.

  3. says: mrunalini

    nice pics 🙂 incidentally, i was in Niagara for the long weekend, though on the US side. Even if we were on the same side, it is so difficult to identify someone there coz everyone there speaks telugu! My brother suggests that we Indians(esp, gults) should get a discount coz we make up for more than 50% of the visitors there..

    1. says: rads

      LOL! Totally! It’s like Andhra got transported there. I imagine non-desis would have thought that “telugu” was our national Indian language or something!
      We avoid tourist spots for the traffic during long weekends, but we went teh weekend before yet, there we were in all our glory. Did you go to that international eating place across?

      1. says: mrunalini

        Do you mean the Canadian side? I cant enter there without a visitor visa in hand.

        We went to Punjabi Dhaba which offered “home-style cooking” and at the end of the meal, the husband said, “Seems like I cant escape home cooked food…Thought at least he would make better food” :O

        Oh, btw, we were also in DC for a day.

        1. says: rads

          Ah! I think I have a picture of that Dhaba. It was a lovely frame, dhaba sign, sardar in teh background, a pattu sari wearing elderly lady in teh foreground amongst all the traffic signs. 🙂

          DC, there’s tons to see out here even if you hate museums. Come over for longer 🙂

  4. says: My3

    Lovely. Sniff Sniff. My “maike” as my friends put it. When I go back there it is paaaaartayy time for all of us.

    Love the Niagara Falls. I have seen it in every season and the winter months are the best. Just love the Cave of the Winds with the mighty Niagara falling all around you. The Observation Tower..I could go on and on. We usually walked over to the Canadian side and walked up to the Botanical Gardens. Just a great place.
    A giraffe tried to lick my 5-month baby 🙂 17 years ago. I am busy trying to click a picture of that while my Dad is trying to shoo away the animal :-D! Last time the monkeys sat on our van much to my little one’s amusement. We have a zillion pictures of them over the sunroof!

    1. says: rads

      aw, that’s sweet. I click tons of pictures these days just so I’d have enough to do when am old and gray. Esp considering the lack of conversation between teh husband and I even now.

  5. says: Jyothi

    You are one famous lady. A friend of mine moved back to India and was thinking about her. And typed in RNRI in google. Found a link to this

    When I see your blog in my searches it makes me smile….

    For july 4th of this year we were at Niagara. From there we went to the same safari and spent 2 days at Toronto. Very nice picutures….

    1. says: rads

      It’s equity Jyothi. It will be four years and close to 500 posts soon. More of me around I guess!

      heh, really? Cool. The safari’s awesome isn’t it? 🙂

  6. says: IMCurtain

    Lovely post! Dropping by…

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    1. says: rads

      He just has a lot to say I guess, for which am thankful for. I like a good witty yet senseless banter on my space. Life’s too boring and serious otherwise 😉

  7. says: zep

    les animaux – splendid shots!!! started commenting on a couple pics in flickr, then decided against it, for almost all the pics are great. 🙂

    went to the SC zoo a while ago… all i got was a headache because of the sweltering heat, and a few good shots because I had to change lenses so often, I missed a lot of great pics-to-be. 🙁

    1. says: rads

      haha, thanks Zep, though I wold apreciate some input there as well. You can comment at the overall set right? 🙂 I am not part of all those flickr groups, so not very many folks come visit me. Well, I don’t do much hopping either, so it balances out :-))

      oh, why did you have to change? I stuck with the long range one all the way through, and all those are through the van’s windows.

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