ok, I gtg

So people call each other up. Then at some point in time one of them has had it with the other. There’s a lull and each one’s wondering who’d checkmate the other in the most politest least suspicious manner ever. That’s when the voice drops a decibel low, and the gears start shifting. How best do we wheedle out?

U think you’ve heard it all on different ways a person hangs up on you? From the absurd to the genuine to the funny:

  • Baby’s crying
  • Have to pick up the kids/laundry
  • Dog needs to go
  • Husband’s yelling for a towel (what a classic movie istyle no?)
  • Oops, the curry is burning into a piece o coal (That would be me!)
  • I gotta take this call (never mind if it’s a 1-800 number)
  • It’s the finale of 24.(I am capable of that)
  • Announcing winners of Dance baby Dance on Gemini TV, I am going to have to call you back. (someone really said that to me!)

The best so far that I’ve heard:

A 25 year old atheist young man from a Greek Orthodox family, is speaking with a lady friend after a long time. The conversation was seemingly joggling along just fine. Suddenly the man goes:

Okay, I gotta run inside and pray. The family is waiting.”


What’s the most absurd one you’ve heard?

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19 replies on “ok, I gtg”
  1. says: bg

    Good one rads.I usually say ‘hey am getting another call’ or “Hey India call” πŸ™‚
    The best one I’ve heard is a friend who started the conversation saying I am alone my parents are out & am bored and hung up saying hey my moms calling me. I actually asked didn’t you just say your parents were out? She said, oh they are back.they were just outside the house.

  2. ‘Listen, I need to take a dump! Lemme call you back. Ok?’ – have you heard anything more gross? I wanted to say, ‘Dude! Don’t ever call me back! Ever! And take my advise and flush yourself into the toilet’. But ended up saying,’Sure, watever!’ and hung up without letting the other person finish! Made me sick! Sorry, I made you read this!

  3. says: rads

    stitha: EW! I knew disgusting existed, but this is ridiculous! Yes, you shouldn’t talk with him anymore! :p

    bg: LOL. Really? She gets bored that quick eh? hehe.

    sb: One woman really did say that to me. I didn’t want to ask further, but yeah, you think all those movie scripts get written out of sheer creativity? πŸ˜›

  4. says: Lakshmi

    I am the bad egg who invariably hangs up, because (a) I am old fashioned enough to believe that the phone is to be used to convey information, which can be done in less than three minutes and (b) people who call me don’t share my belief. My excuse usually is “Gotta go.. why don’t I send you an email?” promptly followed by an email. If the person does not have an email, it is just “ok, got to go, shall talk to you later”.

  5. says: bookworm

    I don’t ever recall a wierd hang-up. I think it’s funny when people kind of hang-up without saying bye! and you’re still talking to dead air…

    My most memorable phone conversation is when I made cold sales calls (eesh) at work the last year. This woman told me to shut up and then thought I was a prank call from her sister. It was funny.

  6. says: rads

    bookworm: OMG, that’s so rude! Rdeness really has no excuse/reason.
    I absolutely have no patience for ones who behave short or rude with me.

    Lakshmi: No, I didn’t mean an average convo, this had a whole humor angle to it πŸ™‚

    Praveen: geez! talk about giving out too much information!

  7. says: rambodoc

    I have my pet claims (no attempt at humor):
    1. I am in the operating room. Please call me later, okay?
    2. I am in the operating theater. Please call me later, okay?
    If it is to break off a conversation, it is ‘I am getting fifty missed calls as we speak, so let me see to ’em, okay?’
    These above are all with men. With women, I can’t not take calls.
    Patients can wait! Who can miss a call girl, in these days of ‘incoming free’?!

  8. says: bpsk

    Hmm, I don’t remember any excuse I have heard that can match yours. Does that mean I am scintillating company (that no one wants to hang up on me), or gullible, or both?

    Nowotoh, if you were to ask what excuses I have come up with to terminate conversations… :p

  9. says: rads

    max: lol, you and adi are like wit-twins πŸ˜›

    bpsk: You so are, scintillating I mean!! πŸ˜›
    Excuses post karo?

    Doc: lol, incoming free eh? Wish we had a concept such as that out here πŸ™‚
    So do you sing that Govinda song too? “What is your mobile number?” :p

    SK: That’s a genuine and fair enough reason. Am talking excuses πŸ˜‰

    Adithya: O of crse you can’t comment form yoru cell, but you sure can tweet can’t you? :p

  10. says: nick

    Just came across your blog randomly….nice topic….there are many such excuses which I’ve heard, and many more which I have used myself πŸ˜€

    Okay, I gtg….its my birthday today and I need to go buy a cake πŸ™‚

  11. says: rads

    nick: Thanks and welcome! lol@cake, talk about indulgences. πŸ™‚

    Dinesh: Thanks πŸ™‚
    Classic line used by all husbands esp when talking with folks back home I imagine.

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