your scroll pls..

When was the last time you picked up a pen, and sat down with a blank sheet of paper to write down complete sentences, not the grocery list, or the check, or notes at a meeting?

Awhile rt?

For some reason, I have felt the need to do so recently. Typing onto a word document the numerous words we casually do has become the norm. Making the whole pen or pencil usage scarce and and in certain ways redundant. It’s faster typing and is less stressful on the little bones. While writing, make one small spelling blunder and you might have to start all over again. Electronically, it’s a simple button that makes it all brand new and fresh again, erasing the past of a few minutes with ease and elan.

So, over the past few days, when I got some moments, I’d started writing things down. Not necessarily venting or journaling, just abstract thoughts, and random quotes, poems and like. Not all collected into one place of course, we aren’t really that organized, but pieces of paper here and there. Every time I did, it brought a smile onto my face.

My handwriting has changed over the years, as a lot more of me. I realized this last week when I opened a recipe book that I’d brought with me from home in Madras. Recipes were written down from way back when I was working at the hospital, before marriage. I remember painfully transferring my random collection from various places into this journal. (Though frankly, I don’t think I liked cooking, just the thought of collecting recipes was fascinating enough!)

I also realized that writing differs based on moods. In the recipe book (it was a journal/diary from 1993) in January sometime I was visibly upset with a good friend (TLK. Those days we initialed everyone, part of hospital procedures). I’d written down a few lines, as seen below. Vaguely remember the issue we were having, and how upset she must’ve been with me too. It doesn’t matter anymore. She and I are different people now, and are still friends. I guess that’s what it’s all about. Forgiving and forgetting. This girl in question and I had very similar writings too. Hers had an amazing style and a flamboyancy about it. Quite like her artwork.

It’s funny, I’d even squeezed in a random line about GRE verbals and how I had to work harder to score better in that section. 🙂

The flourishes and sweeps, the stylish tails and loops, rounded occasionally and small yet angular on other occasions, I fell in love with it all over again. I liked it back then. It had a purpose to it, regular, organized like a clockwork. The capital A’s (I always wrote a large lower case and called it upper case!) were always the same, the G looped the same way, the S flourished (my original back home name started with an S, and I LOVED that letter. Still do.) the same way, and the T’s got crossed the same way. All within one document/piece of writing.


So here’s a sample of how I write now. I chose a piece of fable 9-Muse to write. I had to re-write it thrice just so I could get it right in one go and not make blunders. It was that bad. These are lines I also hold close to my heart in the way they turned out. I’d written (typed) that post sitting at work that day, right after lunch, and posted it that weekend.


The writing’s scratchy, even ambivalent? A single stroke could be any letter, there isn’t a certain harshness and a crispness to it, and well, it isn’t consistent as much as I’d like it to be. It’s larger too. I tried keeping the size smaller, I couldn’t. However, between the trials and my little notes around the house and work, they do retain a connectivity.

What do you think? Writing in a way reflects one’s state of mind?

I still like it though. It is mine after all.

This has made me curious. I’d like to see how labored or how fun your writing is. Ek Tag ho jaye? Great! Let me tag the ladies, coz we all really don’t want to see the guys’ handwriting, right? 😉

So ladies – Schmetterling, bg, Neha, Altoid, La Vida, Sands, Chef Priya, Priya, Apple, MayG. May I see your handwriting please? Just the current one will do since most of you may have been in diapers in ’93! After doing the post, you may or may not spread the cheer, it’s your call.

All it requires is:

  • 5 sentences from your own post, or better yet write the next post out instead of typing.
  • Link that post, if digging it up like I did.
  • A pen, a pencil/paper
  • Scanner/camera
  • 20 minutes of your time.

Also ladies, please bear in mind that you are under no obligation to do this tag. If you are one of those ban-a-tag people, I understand too! Different people, different fun. No big deal!

But if you do the tag anyway, thank you for indulging! 🙂

ps: Any of you remember this tag I started of? ‘What’s in your bag?’ Guess what? I saw it making its rounds sometime even last month. I couldn’t believe it! Close to a year and going strong. We bloggers do have a lot of time on our hands don’t we?

pps: Happy Diwali/Deepavali everyone. 🙂

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28 replies on “your scroll pls..”
  1. says: Bharath

    I did a similar thing recently. Mine turned out to be hard was lil diff though ! I chose to right in other languages – Tamil and Hindi.. !

    Every word I wrote in Tamil .. I was doubtful if I got the spelling right ! And its a lot tougher to write tamil alphabets.. Hindi dont even ask.. I forgot a few alphabets 😀

    U shud try it too ! (Taggin the tag ‘er ! 😉 )

  2. As a kid, I always received a pat of appreciation for the way my handwriting looked. No spelling mistakes, no grammatical mistakes. The letters were like pearls on paper! Today, if any of my teachers saw the way I write, I’d be flogged to death. My handwriting today looks like an illiterate Indian trying to write Chinese. Sometimes, I even forget how to wield a pen. So, you can imagine how my notes look like! A secret: at times I try reading my notes by turning it 360 deg. and still find it illegible. I kid you not! But I still think I’m a lot better than most Americans!
    Happy Deepavali!

  3. says: Praveen

    Handwriting definitely reflects a person’s state of mind, but practise also has lots to do with it. We don’t lift the pen unless its for our signature.

    I have never come across a ‘single’ woman whose handwriting is bad!!!

  4. says: Apple

    Me and my granny still rely on hand-written letters for our commn, So once in a month I write complete sentences 😀
    ‘ll do the tag, thanks ;;)

    Happy Diwaali

  5. says: Altoid

    Aha! This one’s right up my alley. In fact, this year for my bday I’d asked everyone to send me handwritten letters/cards when asked what I wanted- I’d even done a post on this lost art! Sometime around April. And all through the year, I’ve been sending handwritten letters to people. Will definitely post some samples 😛

  6. says: rads

    Schmetterling: That’s exactly what I was thinking. This girl must be writing everyday, she must have a lot of practice, figured I’d have a peek anyway 🙂

    Altoid: I was in two minds about you, but I remembered the post you had put up and knew you’d be a lil gentle on this tag 😛

    Apple: Great! er, and btw, the writing sample should be in English, not Telugu like how you’d write to grandma? 😛

    Praveen: Shall post my Russian colleague’s writing. You’d change your opinion 😛

    Stitha: lol, I know, I guess it’s just harder maintaining the clarity of mind as an adult. 🙂

    Bharath: Sure! Though I definitely am not gonna post my telugu. That would like jilebis siesta-ing together! 🙂

  7. says: bookworm

    happy Diwali Rads! Heard about the dance kids are doing. Sadly, I am going to miss it :(.

    Anyway, I like to send handwritten cards/ letters rather than an email that gets lost in an inbox. There is something much more personal about taking the time to put it an envelope and then the mailbox. Something special…

  8. says: maxdavinci

    Women have great handwriting, thats the reason I always got someone to write lab assignments for me!

    All I write now is chicken scratches during meetings or trying to mock flow diagrams.

    The only place where I write alphabets other than my signature(checks) is while creating my shopping list. But hten I’m using my stylus n it’s my phone!

  9. Interesting tag! I do remember the days of Pen and Paper. My college exams and I had an average handwriting. But it was a pain in the hands to write with a pen in school. The most ergonomical of it was the Hero pen.

  10. says: rads

    Dinesh: These days am actually preferring the pencil. Love the way it flows on paper..

    max: hehe, true. lol@stylus. 🙂
    Surprisingly though, the husband’s is quite neat.

    bookworm: Yep, it’s a miracle they are actually doing something this year! Videos shall be arranged 🙂
    Absolutely true on special. I should write…

    bg: Do do 😀
    saapadu eh? Who knows, will do a post-diwali post on saapadu ;-p

  11. says: Adithya

    I just thought I escaped and shreya tags me! 😐

    No idea how many curses the ppl at CBSE threw at me trying to decipher my handwriting! Going by what I got, I guess a curse for each mark cut! That’s too many! :O

  12. says: Priya

    I would have, but after all these guys coming here and stating’ that girls have a good hand, I better back out and leave the claim untarnished 😀 Happy Deepavali!

  13. says: A-kay

    Handwriting – mine has changed so much, that it is beyond recognition 🙂 My school teachers would cringe if I showed them my handwriting now 🙁

    Yours looks absolutely fabulous – love the cursive writing style.

  14. says: rads

    A-Kay, o cmon! It’s only coz we don’t see it everyday 🙂
    Thank you, yep, cursive from 3rd grade on rt? 🙂

    Priya: Yea sure, and am letting you off the hook rt? :p

    WT: You too! 🙂

    Adithya: lol, I know, I saw. How bad can it be? 😉

  15. says: rads

    shyam: O noooo, I so added you too! In fact I wrote a LONG list of female bloggers. Then it just looked a bit ridiculous that I’d tag so many.. I would love to see yours girl. Please do it? 🙂

    SK: Nice, and I didn’t even tag ya?! Thanks 🙂

    bpsk: go away! bah. :p

  16. says: rads

    Sheba: 3 years?!? You’ve got lots of years to catch up on with me and the few who’ve done this tag. Ams ure you writing’s neat and cleara s before 3 years 🙂

    sands: I know!! Yours is a very clear lovely swirl 🙂

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