victims of war…

The real ones.

I was watching the 2.54 min video online. As I watch the mother wailing and running between her 8 year old and her 8 month old, I have a huge lump in my throat. Her husbands’ dead, her 2 other children are in surgery and she herself is badly scarred and in pain. I see the baby’s legs shake and twitch as she wails, and the nurse feeding the blood-soaked 8year old with some water. I had to close the window.

I am lucky as I have the option.

There’s an outrage in me, mixed with sadness and pity for the mother, the family.

I know what I need to do when I go home this evening. I need to hug my children and say a small prayer, not stress on the little things and thank my stars that I am with my family, healthy and happy today. Just as am sure this mother thought so too till a few days ago.

Bloody war. Bloody useless people.

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  1. says: Shilpa

    I saw the same clip on TV ! And could not stop crying…the clip was very disturbing…esp when the poor 8 yr old kept crying because of the burns on his face ! And the small baby…the poor thing !

    I don’t know how people have the heart to kill and injure so many people…that too innocent civilians !

  2. says: Kish

    cant they spend money used on wars for medical research. it would save so many human lives and the world would be a safer place . just food for thought

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