a mouthful

so no i don’t have the h1n1. i don’t even have the flu.

it’s just the damned sinuses again. they love me so much they’ve come back with a vengeance.

my head’s bursting at the temples, the eyes burneth, the throat’s raw and itchy, the voice is lost somewhere, there’s a rasping cough and my legs feel like lead – and the lady says i have sinusitis. nothing else. bah. all this after i drive myself precariously and gingerly drive the 3 miles to the doc’s. i mean, i even stopped at the yellow and behaved and didn’t jump the light.

so yes, am on Azithromycin – weird dosage – it’s an ugly large pill that tastes like cardboard, no matter how pink it looks. am also on this Cheratussin – cough syrup, clear liquid that is deceptively lethal in how it tastes.

the doc then lowers her voice and whispers conspiratorily: am giving you the one with codeine in it!’

the mom does need her drugs.


next time, the pharmacists asks “any questions” , what do you do?

ask her? don’t.

coz i did, and she said ‘the directions are at the back’.

great. i know how to read and no am not visually impaired.

in the 15 minutes it took for them to fill in (i made a special request and declared that am dying and can’t stand idling the motor in the parking lot) i went over to the grocers and picked up some soup and salad. people stared at me as i plodded along doing the slowmo. like am in a 1930’s black and white movie and they were all the jetsons.

so anyways, being sick is no fun. am not going in to work tomorrow either. even if my head feels lighter. just for kicks.

ps: i actually wrote this sitting in the parking lot on the WP app. then I said ‘save’ and it supposedly ‘saved’ I have no idea where. couldn’t find it anywhere, so typed it again. feeling a bit peppy after that cough syrup.

not anymore. i retire.


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